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Established in March 2014, 7525 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, MD is the home of the Tyber Bierhaus. Named for the historic Tyber Creek, which once flowed from Capitol Hill to the Potomac River, Tyber Bierhaus has an immediate link to our nation’s Capital. A coat of arms, similar to historic German brewing families but specific to DC will become an icon in our community. Management is headed by Hello Hospitality which created and currently runs St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar on Jefferson as well as St. Arnold’s Mussel Bar of Cleveland Park. Tyber Bierhaus is a German inspired Beer Hall serving hearty German Oktoberfest cuisine as well as traditional American favorites. In addition, it serves German, Belgian and Czech alongside local American craft beers. It is a meeting place and focal point for the surrounding community as well as the many visitors to our city. It has the high standard for service and hospitality and is favorite institution in Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia area.

7525 Old Georgetown Rd. Bethesda is a unique site that offers a rare opportunity to provide large open space with the possibility for intimate gatherings. It has a large indoor area with seating capacity for in excess of 150 guests. Blocks of community style tables, imported from Germany, definitely adds to the communal and festive atmosphere. We also boast an outdoor seating area, with a combination of picnic tables and traditional round-tops, available to seat nearly 50 guests. The cuisine at Tyber Bierhaus consists of German and European favorites such as spaetzel, schnitzel, various sausages, sauerkraut, scalloped potatoes, goulash and mussels to name a few. In addition, it includes a traditional American menu consisting of hamburgers, pastrami sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, and Buffalo wings. All dishes are moderately priced from $8-$18 with daily lunch and happy hour specials. Our beer program consists of mainly German and Belgian beers served in 0.3/0/5/1.0 liter glasses. We also offer Czech beers, after all Czechs drink more beer per capita than Germans, consisting of light and dark pilsners. Local American craft beers are also featured on our menu. We have installed a 20 beer tap system that will be keep the beer cold and flowing. Aside from beer, we offer a limited wine selection as well as full bar service and specialty cocktails. As the name implies, beer is our specialty.