Served Saturday and Sunday, 11:30 am- 4:00 pm

German Breakfast Platter

thin slices of ham and salami, one bratwurst, sliced tomato and cucumber, Swiss cheese, a boiled egg and toast with butter and jam

Tyber Breakfast Sandwich

two scrambled eggs, scallions, Irish rasher, cheese, served with potatoes

Drug Opera

grilled ham and gruyere, on our rustic bread covered with fried eggs and your choice of cheese sauce or béchemel sauce, served with side salad and potatoes

Tyber Continental

grilled Irish rasher, two fried eggs, and two red velvet pancakes

Eggs in the Middle

two fried eggs inside our rustic bread topped with peppers and gruyere cheese, served with potatoes

Red Velvet Pancakes

three pancakes topped with powdered sugar and butter cream

French Toast

St. Arnold's style French toast, served with maple syrup and fresh fruit

Grilled Three-cheese Sandwich

gruyere, Swiss, and cheddar cheese on artisan bread, served with creamy tomato basil bisque 

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